We initially started to support the Mark Wandall Foundation because of Melissa. Her passion, dedication, transparency and professionalism gave us the confidence that our money was going to a wonderful cause. There are many charities we could choose from but with Melissa at the helm it made all the difference for us. Once we started to be a part of her foundation we saw the many lives it impacted. It started out as a campaign to stop red light runners and now has evolved into Comfort Zone Camp. This has now touched our hearts even deeper with giving children a camp to show they are not alone. Going through such tragic circumstances, these children need to know they are special in a good way. Giving these children a resource to heal and develop into confident loving adults will impact their lives forever. After all, we owe it to them since they will be impacting our lives in the future through their accomplishments and love in our world. We have always been supporters of children’s causes and this was the icing on the cake for us and we could not be prouder to support these kids and Melissa’s efforts.

Rena' & Neil Doniger 
Bradenton, FL

The Mark Wandall Foundation embodies the spirit of what a Non-Profit organization was meant to be. Of all the causes a person can support in their local community, what's more important than the lives of our child? Over the years I've watched this incredible group of people reach out to those in need and make a real difference in people's lives. Now, with the Comfort Zone camp, they'll be able to make an even bigger impact into the lives of children in need of support.

Jim Galiano 
Sarasota, FL.
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