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80_jzli18This day was a beautiful day in spite of the significant, heart wrenching loss of Mark on 10/24/03. Thanks to the kindness of Nolan Elementary School we hosted an amazing camp for great kiddos in grief via The Mark Wandall Foundation and Comfort Zone Camp partnership!

We welcomed shy, timid kids, parents and guardian that were not sure how the day would unfold! The beauty is that they took a risk in their grief by trusting us and the process. Throughout the day we laughed, cried, hugged, played crazy fun games, listened, cheered on and just plain supported one another. No words were truly needed because every person at that camp just “got it.” In the end we said good-bye to happy, outgoing kids that asked “when is the next camp?” Thank you community, volunteers, Comfort Zone Staff and families for your belief and for making this day incredible!

It was truly an honor on this day to celebrate life and not loss. This picture of Mark is my favorite. Mark actually introduced me to Pedicures! LOL! He knew how to relax and embrace every moment of goodness! This camp today was truly dedicated to Mark and the beautiful life that he lived! The seed has been planted and today the roots have already begun to grow deep in our community. Mark Wandall, you are missed but your beautiful life and love go on!

The Mark Wandall Foundation

The Mark Wandall Foundation

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Mark’s dedication to his family and friends was truly inspiring and his love for children left a lasting impression on all who knew him. This foundation has been set up to continue supporting children in his name.

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