Speaking Engagements

In October of 2003, Melissa lost her husband, Mark Wandall, in a tragic crash which was caused by the negligence of a red-light runner. At the time of the crash, Melissa and Mark were 9 months pregnant and had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. The couple had enthusiasm and passion for their marriage and for their new family. Melissa was devastated the evening she lost her one true love, but she vowed to embrace the love she had been given, rather than focus on the loss. Melissa’s love and passion founded The Mark Wandall Foundation and that love now allows us to facilitate programs for children and teens in grief.

Melissa’s grief journey started much earlier in life, when her 14 year old sister, Tammy, died of cancer. Melissa made a promise to her sister and to God that she would not get lost in her grief and instead move on to assist other children through their loss in order to make a positive impact. Melissa wholeheartedly believes that tragedy can be transformed into something beautiful and positive. Her personal mission is to connect and uplift children and teens in order to aid them on their grief journey. She is passionate about creating a safe and sacred space of empowerment for children and teens in grief.

Together, you and The Mark Wandall Foundation can cultivate and sustain a powerful “space” for families in grief. Melissa is dedicated to sharing information about the programs, funding needs, and volunteer efforts of The Mark Wandall Foundation to show you how the Foundation is creating impactful moments for those we serve. To learn how you and your organization can help to make an even greater impact for these families, contact Melissa today!