Comfort Zone Camp is Coming to Florida!

WOW! What a magnificent day, thanks to each and every one of you for participating in the CZC volunteer training day today… TAG AND BRAG! Let’s spread the word… Comfort Zone Camp is coming to Florida! — with Melissa Wandall, Inspirational speaker, Melissa Wandall, Kenny Van Houten, Andrew Eric Fox, Patricia Wingenfeld, Fernanda Cordoba Scalera, Starlette Denslow, Jean Ringlestein Fox, Ann Gape, Wendy Rose Orlando, Donna Corbitt Nixon, Denise Chapman Nelson and Carrie May Ling.

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The Mark Wandall Foundation

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Mark’s dedication to his family and friends was truly inspiring and his love for children left a lasting impression on all who knew him. This foundation has been set up to continue supporting children in his name.

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